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venerdì 21 settembre 2007

Mirror cracked - Specchi incrinati

The area is that of the Forum of Caesar (bought in 54B.C. and inaugurated in 46B.C.). The suggestion (realized by Alfredo Pirri) is given by the mirror cracked, leaned in earth, that they reflect lights of it and forms.
Serene weekend!

L’area è quella del Foro di Cesare (comprata nel 54A.C. e inaugurata nel 46A.C.). La suggestione ( realizzata da Alfredo Pirri) è data dagli specchio incrinati ,poggiati in terra, che ne riflettono luci e forme.
Sereno fine settimana!

6 commenti:

hpy ha detto...

Il faut agrandir la photo pour mieux voir le jeu du miroir.

Lori ha detto...

What an amazing shot. I love that mirror effect. How artistic. Enjoy your weekend.

Moi ha detto...

Grand!!! have a lovely weekend :)

GMG ha detto...

Great picture. Also love the sunset, and the Torre Argentina; close to Navona it used to be on my evening tour when in Rome...
Magnifica la scelta delle Perle!
Have a great weekend!

rainplace ha detto...

Very beautiful observation of places and moments in your space and time!

Thank you very much for sharing!

lyliane ha detto...

J'adore Rome, j'y suis allée 4 fois et compte bien y retourner encore.

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