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martedì 15 maggio 2007


I have photographed them in natural park to the doors of Rome, they call "Iris"(from the goddess "Iride" that, according to the mythology, came down from the Mount Olympus , with a most colorful cape, leaving on its trail one splendid rainbow.

Li ho fotografati in in parco naturale alle porte di Roma, si chiamano "Iris"(dalla dea "Iride" che, secondo la mitologia , scendeva dal
monte Olimpo , con un coloratissimo mantello, lasciando sulla sua scia uno splendido arcobaleno).

5 commenti:

Lori ha detto...

Another exquisite photo! The color of these irises is striking. You can even see right into one of them. What a gorgeous picture. This must be a lovely place to walk.

Nazzareno ha detto...

LORI: Splendid, if you love the environments done NOT subdue to our pleasure.

Moi ha detto...

i have never seen yellow iris before..only the white ones....and charming story to go with it too..:)

Laurie ha detto...

Iris are beautiful flowers. We always had a deep purple variety growing in our garden.

Beautiful photo.

Jen ha detto...

The iris is so beautiful!

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