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venerdì 11 maggio 2007

St. Peter square: "libeccio" - Piazza S. Pietro: "libeccio"

It indicates the name and the direction of the wind. It is to St.Peter square. Good , week end!
Indica il nome e la direzione del vento. Si trova in Piazza San Pietro. Buon fine settimana!

5 commenti:

Lori ha detto...

At first I thought you were taking a shot from high up. Then I reazlied it was on the ground. A very interesting perspective and a great idea for a photo! Buon fine settimana to you too!

Moi ha detto...

hehe.....i could not have imagined what it meant till i read your note.....u live in an enchanting city!! :)

lynn ha detto...

How lovely; i wonder how old it is?

I have posted a photo of the missing UK girl Madeleine in the hope that the more people see her, the more chance she may be found. Please take a sec to pop over to Cheltenham, thanks to you and your readers.

Susan ha detto...

Lovely collection of photos this week. Thank you.

Nazzareno ha detto...

Lynn:It has almost 400 years (!)

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