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mercoledì 6 giugno 2007


This is the building, planned by the Richard Meier architect, which since 2006 has contained the ARA PACIS , the altar designed to celebrate the Roman pax, which the Roman Senate decided to be built to Augusto return from a shipment to Spain and Gaul. Like all the innovative works, also this project has been criticized by a few right-mindeds persons. Personally I find her a wonderful architecture!

Questo è l'edificio, progettato dall'architetto Richard Meier , che dal 2006 racchiude l'ARA PACIS , l'altare destinato a celebrare la pax romana, che il Senato Romano decise di costruire al ritorno di Augusto da una spedizione in Spagna e Gallia . Come tutte le opere innovative, anche questo progetto è stato criticato da alcuni benpensanti. Personalmente la trovo un'architettura meravigliosa !

3 commenti:

Lori ha detto...

I don't know very much about the architect Richard Meier, but I really like this building. You have photographed it beautifully! I love the spots of light on the grass and those steps are amazing. So lovely!

Fabrizio ikol22 ha detto...

I remember how this building bothered lot of people. Personally I do agree with you. Then your photos improve -if possible- beauty of buildings :-)

Moi ha detto...

like the geometry of the first shot...

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