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lunedì 4 giugno 2007

"Memories of Adriano" - "Memorie di Adriano"

“Animula vagula blandula
Hospes comesque corporis
Queæ nunc abibis loca
Pallidula rigida nudula
Nec ut soles dabis iocos…Small soul gotten lost and gentle, companion and host of the body, now t' you prepare to come down in colorless places, difficult and countings, where will not have more the usual amusements...”
With this poetry bath "Memories of Adriano" the splendid book of the Yourcenauer that tells the life of the emperor Adriano, acclimated in the attractive VILLA ADRIANA of Tivoli. You can imagine my emotion in covering the same places as his life ...

“Animula vagula blandula
Hospes comesque corporis
Queæ nunc abibis loca
Pallidula rigida nudula
Nec ut soles dabis iocos…Piccola anima smarrita e soave, compagna e ospite del corpo, ora t’appresti a scendere in luoghi incolori, ardui e spogli, ove non avrai più gli svaghi consueti..."
con questa poesia termina "Memorie di Adriano" lo splendido libro della Yourcenauer che racconta la vita dell'imperatore Adriano, ambientato nella bellissima VILLA ADRIANA di Tivoli. Potete immaginare la mia emozione nel percorrere gli stessi luoghi della sua vita...

4 commenti:

Lori ha detto...

These are such lovely photos. The reflections on the water are so beautiful. You could make post cards out of each one of these pictures! It must be wonderful to take a walk here and be amidst all of that history.

Anonimo ha detto...

Wow. Those are very nice photographs.

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Laurie ha detto...

Nice series of photos.

Moi ha detto...

These ruins are beautiful..and as Lori said Postcard pictures....something a tourist will take back to remember always and a native will be proud of ...

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