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lunedì 11 giugno 2007

The man sat - L'uomo seduto

"To the shadow of the last sun a fisherman it was sat and had a long rut the face like a species of smile...” The seated man of this Sunday street market has reminded me of the directions of this song of the big one Fabrizio De Andrè(Italian singer songwriter)
"all'ombra dell'ultimo sole era seduto un pescatore e aveva un solco lungo il viso come una specie di sorriso..."L'uomo seduto di questo mercatino domenicale mi ha subito ricordato i versi di questa canzone del grande Faber.

3 commenti:

Lori ha detto...

I love markets like this. It looks like he has lots of interesting things for sale. This photo makes me wish I could stop and browse a while!

Dsole ha detto...

uhm... it's interesting, because I guess those things have a lot of stories behind them... and the man may tell you about them!

Moi ha detto...

wow he has quite a variety of stuff to offer.....

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