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venerdì 15 febbraio 2008


The temple of the Pantheon in Rome was built on the area of the "Campo Marzio", where, according to an antique tradition, the founder of city, Romulus, would have reached the sky.
The written one says:"
"M.Agrippa L.F.Cos. Tertium Fecit" – "It was built by Marco Agrippa, son of Lucio, consul for the third time".

Il Pantheon di Roma venne eretto sull'area del Campo Marzio, dove, secondo un'antica tradizione, il fondatore della città, Romolo, sarebbe asceso al cielo.
La scritta dice:
M.Agrippa L.F. Cos.Tertium Fecit" – "Lo costruì Marco Agrippa, figlio di Lucio, console per la terza volta".

In 609 A.D. this temple was given by Emperor Foca to Pope Bonifacio IV and changed into a church, as it is looked in this ancient press of 1600

Nel 609 il tempio fu donato dall'imperatore Foca a papa Bonifacio IV e fu trasformato in chiesa, come si vede in questa stampa antica del 1600.

The Pantheon cloaks behind the portico 16 columns of granite, more or less 14 metres high and with a circumference of more than 4 metres
Il Pantheon cela dietro al porticato 16 colonne di granito, alte circa 14 metri e con una circonferenza di oltre 4 mt.

This is a photo of the interment of Vittorio Emanuele II, the first king of Italy (1878).
Also Raffaello is buried here.

Questa è una foto della sepoltura di Vittorio Emanuele II, il primo re d’Italia ( 1878) .
Anche Raffaello è sepolto qui.

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claude ha detto...

Excuse moi, mais je n'ai pas le temps de faire de l'Italien, ce matin. Ton post est très intéressant. J'aime beaucoup tes photos et peut-être plus l'ancienne gravure. Les Romains de César ont laissé quelques monuments semblables à Paris.

hpy ha detto...

Les lumières de la nuit...

Cergie ha detto...

Le panthéon à Paris ressemble trait pour trait à celui de rome : plagiat de la part de Paris.
Il y a aussi une place devant et des rues de chaque coté. Oui vraiment la ressemblance est frappante. Je passerai sur l'histoire de celui de Paris, actuellement il sert de nécropole pour les grands hommes (et très peu de grandes femmes", je crois uniquement Marie Curie pour ses propres mérites) auxquels la patrie doit être "reconnaissante"
Cependant la crypte est si triste que j'aimerais mieux, quant à moi, rester dans un cimetière "normal"

Cergie ha detto...

Aie un excellent week-end Nazzareno...

lyliane ha detto...

La première fois que je suis venue à Rome en 1976, mon hôtel était situé, dans une rue sur le côté du Panthéon.
Bon week end.

Lori ha detto...

Spectacular! The light is so lovely. You must take all of these photos very early in the morning because I don't see any people. You had that beautiful place all to yourself!

Moi ha detto...

i love the way you have been presenting "present" along with "past" of the places lately.......it's fascinating to say the least!!!!

Isadora ha detto...

Thank you for the history lesson with photos. I've recognized the photo immediately although I've never seen it at night and without people. We will be in Rome next month and I will be sure to see it just like this for myself. :)

Marie-Noyale ha detto...

You really have a way with lights and how to enhance the Beauty of your town's building..

If I am in Rome one day, and at sunrise I see a man walking with his camera,there is a strong chance it will be..you!!
Enjoy your week end.

Mathilde ha detto...

Bonsoir Nazzareno,

J'ai toujours une préférence pour les photos de nuit, les lumières sont tellement magiques et différentes. Et devant cette porte je reste hésitante. Entrer ou bien rester dans le mystère de son entrée.

Bon WE à toi.

GMG ha detto...

Hi Nazzareno, I’m back after a short break… and glad to see my favourite Roman monument here!
Love the Pantheon; I think it's the perfect monument!
Have a great weekend!

Anonimo ha detto...

It’s funny to find out just how many different sites the internet has on this matter. :)

Anonimo ha detto...

Good point, though sometimes it's hard to arrive to definite conclusions

Anonimo ha detto...

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